Pet Supplies

For Your Pets

Get along little doggies!

The bond between farmers and ranchers and their pets is a strong one. How else could we get through our long days without the companionship of our trusty four-legged friends helping us out around the property?

Evans Feed & Livestock offers a full line of pet supplies and food to keep your best friends happy and healthy. Here’s what’s in store:

Pet Feed

Whether it’s your loyal old farm dog or that annoying cat that won’t go away, us ranchers and farmers all have a soft spot for our pets. Keep them fed well with high-quality food from Evans.

Small Animal & Exotic Pet Feed

Little or big, all animals gotta eat! If you’ve got a little critter, we’ve got the food for it. From hamsters, to guinea pigs, to lizards and fish, Evans is the place to feed any small animal or exotic pet.

Supplies and Housing

We’ve got weather-proof dog houses, sturdy rabbit cages, collars, leashes, scratch pads and much more.

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